Reach captive audience in via our in-car advertisements!

impressions delivered and counting…

Some of Our Clients

A captive pool of Qualified & Valuable Audience

More than 576,000 Grab passengers rides weekly

Location-based ads using GEO-Targeting

Unlimited changes to your creatives and ads

Fast Deployment Time gets ads listed quickly

In-car advertisement gives 550x more dwell time than billboard banners.





• Statistics – actual data we gathered from the tablets we deployed in the cars.

Audience Profile

80% locals and below 40 y.o.

60% management/professionals

75% with college degrees

50% married

60% women passengers

Measure Your Ads Performance With Live Dashboard

About Us

Display Science is established in 2016 to disrupt OOH (Out of Home) media advertising. We provide targeted and measurable OOH advertising.

We deploy high quality hardware and with connectivity, interactivity and tracking.

We are able to provide precise analytics to help you optimise your advertisements. We provide accurate reach data to be accountable to our clients.

Since our launch in Dec 2017 with Grab, we have served a growing number (50 as of July 2018) of advertisers. We provide them with insightful monthly reports and analytics.