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4 times faster than manual scanning, our AI-powered, fully automated temperature and facial recognition scanner saves you both time and money.

4 Advantages of the SES-1000 over manual scanning.

4x Faster

SES-1000 takes 2 seconds to measure and record temperatures while it takes up to 8 seconds to do it manually.

Safe Distancing

Machine operated. No need for human operation and interaction thereby reducing the risk of virus spreading among the people.

Reduced Errors

The SES-1000 is fully automated while manual temperature taking and recording is susceptible to human error.

Contact Tracing

Real-time data readily available to the authorities to trace and contact others who have been in contact with the infected person.

Why the need of a scanner?

Foremost in our minds right now, is the Covid-19 situation, from a minor concern in village in China, to a global pandemic, in just a few weeks.  

According to the World Health Organisation, 90% of infected patients experienced a fever, so no surprise that temperature checks were soon mandatory, and not just at ports of entry, but offices, malls and condos, to help detect, and prevent, the spreading of the virus. 

But let us not forget our recent history – from 2012 MERS, 2009 H1N1/09 (swine flu), and in 2004 SARS, the last 2 decades have registered thousands of deaths between them, and hundreds of thousands of infections in the region. 

Add the ongoing concerns of Dengue, Yellow Fever, and the increasing likelihood of further flu mutations, and it is clear that we need an ongoing solution, rather than a temporary one.

While people going to work have their attendance recorded, the Covid-19 situation has seen temperature checks become part of the daily routine.  

SES-1000 uses facial recognition to simultaneously record a person’s presence, as well as their temperature, and creates a simple alert, and a log, automatically, as required.

SES-1000 provides a passive, discreet, ongoing solution, out of the box, to alert of a potential concern, giving you the first opportunity to protect yourselves, your family, your colleagues, and your fellow citizens.

Use Cases

Ports of Entry

Our SES-1000 tablets are ideal for the fast pace of movements at these essential security locations, where time, as well as accuracy, are the priorities.

Government & Commercial Offices

Amidst this COVID-19 period, as essential services continue operations, it is also essential that this process is done accurately and efficiently.

Shopping Malls & Public Spaces

As a measure to combat the spread of COVID-19, it is important that everyone entering such spaces have their temperatures checked accurately and efficiently.

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